Top 5 HAND MIXED™ Solid Paint Marker Collaborations

hand mixed solid markers being made
Written by Richard September

HAND MIXED™ are the undisputed kings of split streaker markers. In this article, we take a look at some of their best paint stick collaborations.

HAND MIXED™ has been supplying high-quality paint sticks since early 2017, and their success in both the art and graffiti world has made them a household name for many artists.

Famously made by Latino immigrants in Europe, HAND MIXED™ currently manufactures around 999 markers a day from their Barcelona warehouse.

They’ve come a long way since their inception, and what better way to see their progress than through the massive collaborations they’ve achieved with global brands.

Let’s take a look at some of the top HAND MIXED™ collaborations released so far.

Supreme x HAND MIXED™

supreme hand mixed paint stick
Image credit: HAND MIXED™ Labs

Released on 16th September 2021, much like most of Supreme’s highly sought after clothing and accessories, the Supreme x HAND MIXED™ paint stick was an instant sell-out.

Those who managed to get their hands on the set enjoyed two iterations of the paint stick – a black version (pictured above) and a red version.

The black split streaker features eight different colours for maximum style and flair on usage. The red split streaker featured more traditional Supreme colours – simply red and white.

Unfortunately, with these out of stock in retailers, artists eager to get their hands on these will have to shop around on the resell market.

Carhartt WIP x HAND MIXED™

carhartt hand mixed solid marker
Image credit: Carhartt WIP

Known for their icon streetwear take on workwear classics, Carhartt WIP couldn’t have been a better brand to team up with on a HAND MIXED™ paint stick.

The colours on this one are really special too. Featuring three colours – black, white and orange – split into six cuts, the marker is a true representation of Carhartt WIP’s brand.

As of the date of this article, the Carhartt WIP x HAND MIXED™ paint stick can still be found across many streetwear retailers, including on Carhartt WIP’s website – retailing at £15.


hand mixed 1up crew solid marker
Image credit: HAND MIXED™

Few graffiti crews are as prolific as the Berlin-based 1UP crew. It was only right, then, that they got their chance at collaborating with HAND MIXED™ to make something truly special.

Comprising of six unique colours, the paint stick aimed to capture the rainbow – and for all the right reasons. The paint stick celebrates 50 years of LGBTQ+ pride, so artists are simultaneously able to both show their support and produce eye-catching work.

The 1UP x HAND MIXED™ paint marker is still available on HAND MIXED™’s official website. Grab one whilst stocks last.

Loop Colors x HAND MIXED™

loop colors hand mixed solid marker
Image credit: Loop Colors

It’s rare to see two graffiti art supply giants collaborate with each other. After all, couldn’t one simply produce the product in question without the need to join forces?

For Italy-based Loop Colours though, they made the right choice by teaming up with HAND MIXED™, because no one’s pushing these guys off the split streaker throne any time soon.

Released in five different colourways featuring three unique colours on each and six cuts, Loop Colours took inspiration from iconic colourways found across Europe. For example, the aptly named Stift paint stick features the colours of the German flag, as ‘stift’ translates to ‘pen’ in English.

All five markers are still available to purchase online at HAND MIXED™’s webstore.

Rafael Sliks x HAND MIXED™

sliks hand mixed solid paint marker
Image credit: HAND MIXED™

If you haven’t heard of Rafael Sliks (or simply by his tag, Sliks), it’s about time that you get to know him.

Hailing from São Paulo, Brazil, Sliks rose to fame in the graffiti world through his iconic style and mesmerising hand styles (there’s plenty of Sliks content on YouTube – go and have a look!).

It was only right that he deserved his own iteration of the iconic HAND MIXED™ paint stick, which features six different colours and six cuts.

If you’re looking to get your hands on this collab, it’s still available to purchase on the HAND MIXED™ webstore.

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