Graffiti Shops in Bristol: 5 best shops for graff essentials

molotow bristol graffiti cans in basket
Written by Richard September

Grab the supplies for your next mission at these top 5 graffiti shops in Bristol.

Bristol’s graffiti scene is one of the biggest in the UK, no doubt due to being the home of one of the UK’s most infamous graffiti artists.

And where there is a graffiti scene, you can be certain there are graffiti shops.

Here are some of the best shops in Bristol to grab graffiti supplies.

1. Molotow Bristol

molotow bristol graffiti shop

Opening in August 2020, Molotow Bristol was a much-needed addition to Bristol’s thriving graffiti scene.

As the UK’s flagship Molotow store, the shop stocks the full range of Molotow spray paints, paint markers and graffiti accessories.

Some of my favourite supplies from Molotow Bristol are their Molotow Premium spray paint range, along with their FLAME Orange action cans. In my experience, they’re some of the best spray paints for graffiti.

The prices are usually reasonable, and you can expect deals on spray paint packs.

The shop is nicely presented too and very spacious. The staff are friendly and helpful when it comes to product advice and tips.

If you’re after spray paint supplies in Bristol, the Molotow shop should be your first stop.

However, if you’re after non-Molotow branded graff supplies, keep reading.

Molotow Bristol
Unit 2, The Court Rooms, Nelson St
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2. The Bench 504

various spray cans and graffiti markers with boxes of spray paint in the background at the bench 504 graffiti shop

The Bench 504 are a well-established supplier of graffiti supplies across the Bristol area.

They stock a range of spray paints including Loop Colors, Dope Nitro and Molotow Burners. If you ask me, this is a great selection of brands for every graffiti artist.

They also supply a good selection of graffiti markers, from classics like the Uni-Paint PX-30 to Stealth Ink markers and colourful streakers.

Graffiti stickers are a big part of The Bench 504’s operation too. If you’re after some custom slaps for sticker bombing, these are the guys to go to.

Contact The Bench 504 on Instagram to arrange collection in Bristol.

3. Veeez BRIZ

colourful wall of nbq spray paint at veeez bristol graffiti shop

A recent addition to the scene, Veeez Briz opened in April 2023 and is located on the eclectic North Street in Bedminster.

Veeez is the main stockist of NBQ (Never Be Quiet) spray paint, which is a wallet-friendly alternative to brands like Molotow Premium and Montana Cans.

I’ve had mixed experiences with NBQ paint, and I’ve heard similar stories from other graffiti artists. It’s definitely worth a try if you’ve never used it – especially at the price point.

However, I would avoid it if you’re painting something that’s going to last a long time, like a mural. Stick to the premium brands if you want premium results.

Beyond NBQ, Veeez also stocks paint brands like Montana and Dope. Plus a range of markers from Krink, Grog, Stealth and more.

They also have a ton of apparel, graffiti books, magazines and more. If you’re around Bedminster, drop in.

Veeez Briz
27 North Street
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4. Upfest Gallery

colourful wall of kobra spray paint at upfest gallery, bedmister, bristol

Upfest Gallery is another great spot for graffiti supplies in Bristol.

Run by the organisers of Upfest – Europe’s largest street art and graffiti festival – which takes place in Southville, the shop stocks spray paint, markers and accessories.

Kobra spray paint is one of their house specials, which is a great value spray paint from experience. Upfest usually do deals on spray paint packs too, which can bring the price down if you’re copping a few cans.

They also stock premium paints like MTN 94, which is one of the best low-pressure premium spray paints out there. It comes at a premium price, though!

If you’re on North Street, drop in and pick up some supplies. There are plenty of spots around there, like Dean Lane Skate Park to paint.

Upfest Gallery
198 North St
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5. Craft and More


Craft and more is something of a hidden gem in the Bristol graffiti scene.

Seemingly any other arts and crafts shop, go upstairs and you’ll find an extensive range of spray paints.

From premium brands like Montana Cans and MTN, all the way through to cheaper brands like NQB, you’ll be surprised at what Craft and more has stocked.

It’s also conveniently located in the centre of Bristol, so it shouldn’t be a problem for most to get to.

I’ve put it on the bottom of the list because it technically isn’t a graffiti shop, unlike the others I’ve gone over.

But it’s nonetheless one of the best shops in Bristol for spray paint. I’d recommend it to any graff artist in the area. Go upstairs and check out the stock – you’ll be surprised.

Craft and More
108 Broadmead
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Been to one of these graffiti shops? Drop a comment below and let me know your thoughts.

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