Graffiti Shops in London: 5 must-visit shops for graff supplies

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Written by Richard September

Searching for a graffiti shop in London? Here’s what to know and where to find them.

London is well known for having a serious graffiti culture. And with that, comes some of the best graffiti shops for picking up the supplies you need.

They’re not always super easy to find though, owing to the underground nature of graffiti.

Don’t worry, I’ve got you covered. Here’s my list of the best graffiti shops in every area of London so you can cop the right tools and support the culture.

1. Peckham Paintbox

inside peckham paintbox graffiti shop london

Peckham Paintbox landed on the scene in March 2023. Since then, it’s been making waves in London’s graffiti culture as one of the best places to grab graffiti supplies south of the river.

Located right outside Peckham Rye station in South East London, Paintbox stocks the essentials like spray paint, markers and replacement caps. Plus, you’ll find graffiti magazines, books, bags and more.

Expect best-in-class spray paint brands like Kobra, Molotow, Dope, Double-A and more. Plus a selection of markers from brands like KRINK, Stealth and GROG.

The guys who run the store are experts in their craft too. So expect a warm welcome and expert advice on the best tools to pick up for whatever you’re using them for.

The shop is located right next to Rye Lane Tattooing. If you get to Peckham Paintbox and the shop looks closed, don’t stress. Pop in the tattoo shop and someone will help you grab what you need.

If you find yourself in South East London, you have to check out Peckham Paintbox.

Peckham Paintbox
Unit 210, 22a Blenheim Grove
SE15 4QN
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2. Chrome & Black

inside chrome and black graffiti shop in london

Chrome & Black is one of London’s most well-established graffiti shops. It’s nothing short of a landmark in London’s graffiti culture.

The shop stocks a range of spray paint, graffiti markers and graffiti accessories. Plus some pretty sweet merch like hoodies, t-shirts, caps and bags. Not to mention graffiti books and magazines that you won’t find anywhere else.

Under the management of some of London’s most infamous graffiti artists, Chrome & Black is strict on the quality of the products they carry. If they don’t use them themselves, then you won’t find them in their shop.

Expect classic brands like Montana, Molotow, FLAME, Kobra & Loop. From experience, they’re usually well stocked too – so you’re likely to find the brands you’re after in the right colours.

If you’re in East London, Chrome & Black is a must-visit for every graffiti head.

Chrome & Black
Unit 4, 12 Andre St
E8 2AA
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3. Wild Style Graff Cafe

Wild Style Graff Cafe is one of South London’s best-stocked graffiti shops. Trust me when I say that – they have every brand of paint in every colour you can want.

I’ve never been in there and left without the colours I need.

Situated just across the road from Stockwell Station, getting there is super easy too, no matter what side of London you’re on. It’s also well connected by bus routes in the area, so it’s super simple to access.

You’ll be met with a warm welcome by some of London’s style masters. Expect expert knowledge and tips on what to pick up and how to use it. Unlike some graffiti shops, it’s not an intimidating environment – there are no stupid questions.

The shop stocks brands like Loop, Montana Cans, FLAME, Kobra, Molotow and more. Plus a load of markers and graffiti accessories.

There’s also the Stockwell Hall of Fame just a short walk away to put your skills to the test. It’s a great legal graffiti spot to meet other writers and brush up on your style before hitting the streets.

If you’re in South London, be sure to drop by.

Wild Style Graff Cafe
17-19 Stockwell Rd
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4. VIP Graffiti Paint

outside vip graffiti paint shop in tottenham north london

VIP Graffiti Paint is a well-established graffiti shop that has been serving graffiti and street artists in North London for almost a decade.

They stock quite possibly the largest selection of spray paint of any London graffiti shop. And their prices are pretty reasonable too – making it a great place to pick up paint in bulk. Especially if you’re after specific colours.

You’ll find most premium spray paint brands at VIP, including Montana Cans, MTN, Molotow, NBQ, Clash and more. Plus a range of markers, replacement caps and accessories.

Located in Tottenham, North London, VIP can be found a short walk from Bruce Grove overground station.

For a shop that stocks it all, plus a friendly charismatic owner, VIP is the shop for you. It’s become something of an institution for the North London graffiti scene.

VIP Graffiti Paint
1, Stoneleigh Court, Stoneleigh Rd
N17 9BQ
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5. London Graphic Centre

inside london graphic centre covent garden london

Although London Graphic Centre isn’t solely a graffiti shop, they do stock a range of premium spray paint brands in a Central London location. So it’s only right that they earned a spot on this list.

Their spray paint range is a bit more limited than others on the list. But nonetheless, you’ll find premium brands like Montana Gold and Liquitex. Plus speciality cans like water-based spray paint and chalk paints.

Located just a short walk from Covent Garden station, it’s in an ideal central location. If you need to pick up a can or two whilst in Central London, this is the place to go to.

Don’t expect expert-level graffiti advice, however, compared to the other graffiti shops on this list. The guys there have a more broad expertise of art, unlike the pros at graffiti shops.

Nonetheless, if you need to restock and you’re in Central London, London Graphic Centre is the place to go.

London Graphic Centre
16-18 Shelton St
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Been to one of these graffiti shops? Drop a comment below and let me know your thoughts.

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