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Best Spray Can Holders 2024: 5 racks for easy spray paint storage

Montana Cans Studio Rack 48 with Montana Black Spray Paint
Written by Richard September

Frustrated with your spray cans being a pile of mess? Here are a few racks to help you stay organised.

If you work with aerosol cans, be it as a graffiti artist, hobbyist or for work, one of the most frustrating parts is organising them effectively.

When you can’t find the can you want, you’ll find yourself rattling through boxes to dig it out – all whilst making the mess even worse. You’re probably here because you realise you need a solution.

So here it is. I’ve compiled a list of the best spray can holders for every use. Freestanding, mountable, racks you can take on the go and everything in between.

1. Top Pick: Montana Studio Rack 48

For size, design and value, the Montana Cans 48er Studio Rack takes the crown as my top choice for spray can racks.

As a professional spray paint brand, Montana’s studio rack is best used with 400ml spray cans. Its horizontal storage design makes it perfect for easily identifying the colours you need, unlike vertical racks.

That said, it’s best kept somewhere it isn’t going to be moved often as the cans may slip out. If you plan on using your rack in a vehicle, for example, a rack that stores cans vertically is a better option.

For artists or designers who need an easy storage solution for their spray cans, it’s one of the best racks available. It can also fit cans over or under 400ml too, but they may poke out if they’re too big or be harder to pick up if they’re too small.

The rack feels very rigid in hand thanks to its metal frame. Plus, the rack can be mounted to a wall to use less floor or desk space.

Overall, the 48-can holder is the perfect choice for most. Not too big, not too small, and would look excellent in any studio.

Art Primo (US)
Graff City (UK)

Reasons to buyReasons to avoid
+ Ideal can capacity for most– Expensive
+ Rigid metal frame
+ Looks slick and professional
+ Easy to see the colors of the cans

2. Molotow Spray Paint Rack 36

molotow spray paint rack 36 cans black

Another excellent paint storage option for artists or hobbyists is the Molotow Spray Paint Rack 36.

In terms of build, it’s very similar to the Montana Studio Rack, also employing a sturdy metal frame and horizontal can storage for easily seeing your colors.

This rack, however, is better for those who have less paint to store or less space in their studio.

It can also be mounted, which is a great benefit. And much like the previous rack, paint cans of different sizes can be stored (although it’s best suited for 400ml cans).

If you’re going to store big cans, make sure to put them on the bottom so they don’t block the other cans. And for small cans, put them at the top.

Bombing Science (US)
Graff City (UK)

Reasons to buyReasons to avoid
+ Vertical storage for easy color visualisation– Expensive
+ Fits most can sizes
+ Modern design
+ Mountable

3. Koova 6 Mountable Spray Can Holder

koova 6 aerosol spray can holder mountable rack

If a small, sturdy and easily mountable spray can holder is all you need, then the Koova 6 Can Holder is your best option.

A rack like this will easily clear up the pile of messy or loose cans you have lying around. Especially if you’re taking them with you on the go, as its vertical can holders mean they won’t be thrown around in a truck or van.

The can slots have a handy notch cut out for cans that come with long straws too, which is good for tools like WD-40.

Although this rack would be great for an artist’s studio, it’s a good option for someone who wants to store more than just paint cans.

Plus, it’s a much cheaper option than the last two racks we’ve covered. So great if you’re on a budget.

Koova (US)
Ubuy (UK)

Reasons to buyReasons to avoid
+ Sturdy steel frame– Small capacity
+ Easy to mount
+ Fits most size spray cans
+ Great for mounting in vans or trucks

4. LarryB 20 Mountable Wood Spray Can Holder

LarryB Wood Spray Can Rack Mountable

If you need to store more than 6 cans whilst also wanting a rack that’s easy to mount, LarryB’s 20 can holder is a smart choice.

The rack’s diagonal design offers you the best of both. Whilst you’ll still be able to see the tops of the cans – which is ideal for spray paint – they aren’t flat enough that they’ll easily fall if the rack is in a vehicle.

Its Baltic Birch construction is super durable, whilst it even features a holder at the bottom for spare caps and nibs. Caps can be tricky to store and can end up everywhere if you’re not careful, so it’s a nice touch.

It comes unassembled, so you’ll need a wooden mallet or something similar to put it together. It’s very simple though and doesn’t require much effort.

This rack is a perfect medium-sized storage solution for every spray can.

Reasons to buyReasons to avoid
+ Robust Baltic Birch construction– Expensive
+ Diagonal holder for stability– Wood may be less durable than metal
+ Cap holder at the bottom
+ Mountable

5. Molotow Spray Paint Rack 132

We’ve finally made it to the daddy of all spray can holders: the Molotow Paint Rack 132.

You’ll never run out of space with a rack like this. If you’re an artist, hobbyist or even a shop owner with a ton of spray cans, this is the one to go for.

At 170cm, it’s a very tall piece of equipment. Make sure you have the space for it before you buy it, and be sure to lean it up against a wall to minimise the chance of it falling over.

It has a similar sturdy metal frame to the previous Montana and Molotow racks we’ve covered. And much like them, it’s best used for spray paints so you can spot the colors easily.

It’s main problem is the price. It’s not a cheap option, especially for a solo artist. You need to be using it a lot to get the best use out of it. For most, a smaller rack like the ones I’ve covered will do just fine.

Nonetheless, if you have a ton of cans, this rack is one of the best storage solutions.

Molotow (UK)

Reasons to buyReasons to avoid
+ Holds 132 cans– Expensive
+ Perfect for big studios– Takes up a lot of space
+ Vertical can storage
+ Ideal for 400ml spray paint

5 Things to know before buying a spray can holder

Now you know about some of the racks available, here are a few things to consider before you pick one up.

1. Double-check the dimensions

Before you pick up a rack, check the dimensions of the rack and the space you’ll be putting it in.

If you’re purchasing a freestanding rack, make sure it has enough headroom – particularly if you plan on storing it in a cupboard, for example. Freestanding racks will need to be supported too, so keep that in mind when checking the dimensions.

2. Check the size of your spray cans

All the metal wire racks I’ve covered on this list are best suited to 400ml spray cans. Although bigger and smaller cans can be used, they may sit loose or poke out.

The other racks I’ve covered are better suited for a range of can sizes and shapes. So keep that in mind – if you have a load of cans in different sizes, it may be best to go for a vertical or diagonal holder.

3. If you have the space, a bigger rack is better

This entirely depends on how quickly you go through your cans and how often you’re replacing them. But it’s better to pick up a rack that will give you space for extra cans.

If you buy a rack that’s too small, you’ll be stuck with the same problem of having loose cans and you might need to buy another. As long as you have the space and the budget, buy a bigger one just in case.

4. Freestanding holders should be on a flat surface

Remember that freestanding racks need to be placed on a flat surface.

If not, they’ll be much less stable – especially if the rack slopes away from the wall it’s leaned up against.

Double-check that the surface you’re leaving it on is flat. It’s even more important if you’re buying a tall one too, as it’ll be less table at the top and potentially dangerous.

5. Look on marketplaces for used holders to grab a bargain

Before you pick up a brand new rack, it’s worth checking on sites like eBay or on local marketplaces like Facebook Marketplace or Gumtree to grab a deal.

You may be able to save a lot of money, especially if you’re buying a big one as stores sometimes sell these used.

6. Store your cans in a cool, dark place

Make sure the spot you place your holder is away from direct sunlight to preserve the color of the paint and prevent cans from fading (it’s nicer when they look fresh).

Also, make sure wherever you’re keeping it has good ventilation and is away from any flammable materials or sources of heat, like a radiator, for example.

Copped a rack and need to fill it up? Take a look at my rundown of the best spray paints for graffiti.

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