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Best Graffiti Stickers 2024: 8 Blank Slaps for Sticker Bombing

mkue tag on yellow and black egg shell stickers
Written by Richard September

Get up and stay up with our hand-picked selection of blank stickers for graffiti writers.

Sticker graffiti has been around for decades now. And in cities across the globe, graffiti writers are keeping sticker bombing alive by slapping their tags throughout the streets.

But knowing which blank stickers to cop when you’re getting started can be tough.

So here’s my rundown of the 8 best blank graffiti stickers you can pick up right now. Plus, an essential overview of what to know when buying blank stickers.

Be sure to stick around until the end for an expert summary of what to know before buying stickers, plus a few pro tips for graffiti sticker bombing.

8 Best Blank Stickers for Graffiti

No time to waste.

Here’s a complete rundown of the best blank stickers to use for graffiti – all hand-selected by graffiti artists who have used them.

1. Top Pick: Egg Shell Stickers Classic Mixed Pack

Egg Shell Stickers Classic Mixed Pack

The Egg Shell Stickers Classic Mixed sticker pack is our top pick for blank graffiti stickers, especially for beginners.

In this pack, you’ll get a selection of 80 super adhesive, hard-to-buff eggshell stickers. The selection includes:

  • 20 x Blue Line Border stickers
  • 20 x ‘Hello My Name Is’ Green stickers
  • 20 x Red Wavy Border stickers
  • 20 x Priority Mail Blank stickers

These stickers are ideal for tags and throw-ups. And with a decent selection, you won’t be bored with stickers to choose from.

Grab these if you’re just starting out with graffiti stickers and want to find the right stickers that fit your style.

Reasons to buyReasons to avoid
+ Very adhesive and durable– Relatively expensive
+ Good variety
+ Great with paint markers
+ Easy to peel & stick

2. ‘Hello My Name Is…’ 250 Sticker Roll

'Hello My Name Is...' 250 Sticker Roll

The ‘Hello My Name Is…’ sticker is probably the most iconic style of graffiti sticker. So this roll of 250 had to make the list.

If you want to make an impression, this is the sticker to go for. Plus, with a roll this big, you can practice over and over unlike some of the more expensive stickers on this list.

The main downside to this specific sticker roll is the laminate coating, however. These will have a harder time staying up if they’re exposed to bad weather, unlike eggshell stickers.

They’ll still do the job, though. And for the price, they’re absolutely worth picking up.

Reasons to buyReasons to avoid
+ Cheap– Thin laminate coating
+ Roll of 250– Easy to peel off
+ Classic graffiti sticker
+ Great with paint markers

3. Egg Shell Stickers Blue Line Border

Egg Shell Stickers Blue Line Border

If you’re after a more low-key, classic blank sticker, then the Egg Shell Blue Line Border Pack is the one to go for.

With a premium eggshell coating, these stickers won’t be peeling off without a fight. Plus, they can adhere to even the roughest of surfaces, like stone or brick.

These stickers paired with a black paint marker are a top tier combo for great graffiti stickers.

Reasons to buyReasons to avoid
+ Super adhesive– More expensive than other stickers
+ Great with dark colour markers
+ Easy to peel and stick
+ Weather resistant

4. Montana ‘Hello My Name Is…’ 500 Sticker Roll

Montana 'Hello My Name Is...' 500 Sticker Roll

If you really want to double down on the classic ‘Hello My Name Is…’ sticker, this pack of 500 from Montana Cans is what you need.

Now you have even more stickers to both practice on and sticker bomb with. All without breaking the bank.

The one drawback to these however is that they have Montana Cans branding on them. If this isn’t for you, stick with the classic 250 pack above instead.

Reasons to buyReasons to avoid
+ 500 stickers– Coated label paper finish
+ Bigger than average size stickers
+ Cheap
+ Easy to use

5. MTN WTF Permanent Stickers + Marker

MTN WTF Permanent Stickers + Marker

MTN has made sticker bombing easier than ever with their set of WTF Permanent Stickers and Marker Pen.

Featuring a subtle blue border, these permanent stickers won’t be torn away easily, so you’re sure to be staying up for a while.

The addition of a marker is nice too. Although it is an ink marker, which isn’t optimal for coated stickers.

Don’t get me wrong – it will do the job. But a paint marker will give a better finish on these stickers.

Grab this if you’re after everything in one set.

Reasons to buyReasons to avoid
+ Super adhesive– Pack of 50
+ Marker included
+ Weather resistant
+ Great with dark colour markers

6. Egg Shell Stickers Wavy Border Mixed Pack

Egg Shell Stickers Wavy Border Mixed Pack

Wavy border stickers are a popular style for many graffiti brands. So why not grab a set where you can sample them all?

This set contains a selection of premium, super adhesive egg shell stickers, all with different border colours. You’ll get:

  • 20 x Red Wavy Border stickers
  • 20 x Brown Wavy Border stickers
  • 20 x Teal Wavy Border stickers
  • 20 x Gold Wavy Border stickers

One thing to keep in mind with these is that you’ll need a selection of marker pens to get the best use out of them.

For example, you’ll need a dark coloured marker for the white stickers, and light coloured markers for the black stickers.

Choose wisely if you only have one colour paint marker. Or grab some more to accommodate.

Reasons to buyReasons to avoid
+ Super adhesive– Relatively expensive
+ Variety of background colours
+ Weather resistant
+ Great with all markers

7. Egg Shell ‘Hello My Name Is…’ Mixed Pack

Egg Shell 'Hello My Name Is...' Mixed Pack

If you’re a fan of the iconic ‘Hello My Name Is…’ sticker style and you’re willing to pay the extra for premium eggshell technology – here’s the set for you.

These don’t need much explaining, apart from that you’ll be getting up and staying up in style. Especially with the black and holographic coloured stickers. These look super clean in person.

With 80 in a set, everyone will know what your name is once you get through these.

Reasons to buyReasons to avoid
+ Super adhesive– Relatively expensive
+ Sticks to anything
+ Weather resistant
+ Iconic graffiti sticker

8. Montana Hologram Eggshell Stickers

Montana Hologram Eggshell Stickers

Here’s a slightly different sticker that’s guaranteed to catch the eye of passersby.

This set of Montana Hologram Stickers comes with a premium eggshell finish. Again, super difficult to buff and super long-lasting.

Pair these with a black paint marker and you’ll have some of the best looking graffiti stickers on the street.

Just make sure to practice your tags as much as possible before going in on one of these. You don’t want to waste them.

Reasons to buyReasons to avoid
+ Super adhesive– Relatively expensive
+ Sticks to anything
+ Weather resistant
+ Iconic graffiti sticker

3 things to know before buying graffiti stickers

Before you pick up any blank graffiti stickers, there are a few things to think about to make sticker bombing worth it.

This includes the different types of stickers you can find, the size of the stickers and the type of markers you’ll be using with them.

1. Different types of stickers

There are a few different types of popular blank graffiti stickers, and depending on which ones you use, they can have different outcomes.

These four main types are eggshell, vinyl, coated paper and paper stickers.

Eggshell stickers

Eggshell style stickers are undoubtedly the best type of sticker for graffiti. They’re unlike any other type of sticker because they’re designed to be as adhesive as possible. And they can stick to pretty much everything, which puts them in a league of their own.

For graffiti writers, eggshell stickers are the way to go. Their super adhesion makes them incredibly difficult to peel off too, which is where they get their name from.

If you’re looking for buff-proof stickers that won’t fade over time no matter the weather, go for eggshell stickers – they’re the best option.

Egg Shell Sticker being scratched off
Egg Shell Sticker resistance (Image credit: The Yard Art Supplies)

Vinyl stickers

Vinyl stickers are another solid choice for blank graffiti stickers. Because of their vinyl coating, they have good resistance to weather and are less likely to fade and peel away over time.

Vinyl stickers also work best with paint markers too, as the vinyl coating allows for the colour of the marker to pop off the sticker.

They’re also a bit cheaper than egg shell, so a good option if you’re trying to save some money.

Coated paper stickers

Coated paper stickers are the best budget option for graffiti writers.

These are classic label type stickers that usually come in big rolls of 250-500 stickers. They can be found on most popular graff supply sites, with brands like Montana Cans producing ‘Hello My Name Is…’ style stickers.

Although these style of stickers have a laminate coating, it’s super thin and doesn’t really compare to vinyl or eggshell. They won’t last as long outdoors and are easy to peel off, so staying up with these is harder.

But if you’re looking for a cheap option, or need loads of stickers to practice on – then definitely give these a try.

Paper stickers

Although paper stickers have an old school sticker bombing feel to them, they’re not great for graffiti overall because they don’t hold up in bad weather.

If paper stickers get wet, they can easily start to fade or peel off. Speaking of which, being so easy to peel off makes them easy to buff. If you want your stickers to last, stick to coated blanks like laminated, vinyl and eggshell stickers.

graffiti stickers in street
Faded paper stickers on the right (Image credit: Unsplash)

2. Graffiti stickers sizes

For most blank graffiti stickers, the average size that most popular graffiti stores stock is around 10cm x 6cm.

I’ve only included stickers around this size on our list of blank stickers because it’s a size that works for most graffiti styles. Plus, stickers of this size are the most versatile as they can adhere to different sized surfaces and fit into small gaps.

If your style is big and bold or super small, however, different size stickers are available but you may need to shop around.

3. Type of markers you’re using

Depending on the coating of your stickers (e.g. paper, vinyl etc), you may want to think about the type of marker you’re using to get the best effect. I’ll break these down into paint markers and ink markers:

Paint markers

Paint markers are the best markers for graffiti stickers – especially if the stickers you’re using are vinyl-coated or have an eggshell finish.

This is because the paint will layer on top of the coating which gives it a super opaque look. Plus, a good quality paint marker will hold its own in wet conditions, so no need to worry about tags fading much over time.

Ink markers

Ink markers are also an option if you have them on hand, but it’s better to use a paint marker in most situations.

On most coated stickers, the ink will have a tough time as it doesn’t have a porous surface to seep into. Being able to get under surfaces is what makes ink so effective, so it loses its strength on vinyl and other coated stickers.

It’s a good choice for paper stickers as the ink will be absorbed. But as you know, paper stickers aren’t great. A paper sticker + an ink marker won’t last long at all if it’s exposed to bad weather, so it’s not a good option if you’re trying to stay up.

Final thoughts & tips

Before you grab a pack of stickers from this list, here are a few of my final thoughts and tips:

  • Eggshell stickers are the best for graffiti. If you’re after long-lasting stickers that aren’t going without a fight, you’ll need ones with an eggshell finish. Yes, they’re a bit more expensive, but you’ll have an easier time dodging the buff. They make sticker bombing much more worthwhile.
  • Practice on cheap stickers. Don’t waste your fancy stickers on crappy tags and throws. Buy a big roll of 250 or 500 and get used to writing sticker-sized tags. Or just practice on paper – either way is good.
  • Use high quality paint markers. There’s no point using premium stickers with a low quality marker. The results won’t be as clean and bad markers can fade over time. Use a high quality paint marker like a uni-Paint PX-30 or a Molotow One4All – all featured in my guide on best markers for graffiti stickers.

Did I miss something? Or got a pro tip for blank graffiti stickers? Drop a comment and let me know.

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