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18 Gifts Graffiti Artists Actually Want in 2024

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Written by Richard September

Looking for a gift for a graffiti artist? Look no further. Here are 18 hand-picked graffiti gifts for every budget.

Buying a gift for a graffiti or street artist can be tough if you’re not familiar with graffiti supplies.

And while you might be tempted to gift them anything with Banksy’s name on it, there are plenty of other presents a graffiti or street artist will appreciate more.

Well, fear not. You’re in the right place to find them the perfect graffiti gift.

Whether they’re brand new to graffiti or a street art veteran, you’ll find something for every artist in this hand-picked list – no matter your budget.

1. Top Pick: Montana Black Spray Paint

Montana Black Spray Paint 12 Pack

You literally can’t go wrong by gifting a graffiti artist spray paint.

It’s guaranteed to be appreciated and it will most certainly go to good use. Especially if you’re gifting high-quality paint.

That’s why I’ve chosen the 12 pack of Montana Black as my #1 choice for the best gift for graffiti artists.

Montana Black is a high-pressure spray paint designed for fast application and has an extensive range of 187 striking colours.

Unlike some of the cheaper brands of spray paint, Montana Black is renowned for its vivid colors and reliability. I’ve used plenty of Montana Cans over my years of painting, and from experience, they perform better than some other premium brands like Molotow and MTN 94.

Okay, Montana Black is slightly on the pricey side. But that makes the gift extra special because it’s not a paint graffiti artists can afford to use all the time.

I’ve gifted Montana Black to friends of mine who paint graffiti and it’s always been well-received as an amazing graffiti gift. And I’m sure whoever you’re gifting it to will love it too.

I like the 12-pack as a gift in particular as the colors have already been chosen for you. No need to waste time deciding which colors you think they’ll like.

You can be sure that every can in this pack will be put to good use, anyway.

Blick Art (US)
Cass Art (UK)

2. Montana Studio Rack

Montana Studio Rack

Although spray paint is one of the best gifts for a graffiti artist, let’s face it, spray paint can take up a lot of room.

And as a graffiti artist, making space for all the cans is tricky. Luckily, Montana Cans has a great storage solution that won’t break the bank.

The Montana Studio Rack comes in three sizes holding either 24, 48 or 84 spray paint cans.

I recommend going with the 24 rack for most graffiti enthusiasts as it can easily fit in the corner of a room, on a desk or in a cupboard. But if you know they’ve got a bigger paint collection, go with a bigger size.

This gift is sure to make a graffiti artist’s life easier, especially when it comes to visualising color schemes as the color circles on the top of the can are easy to see.

The rack is compatible with every 400ml spray can too – not just Montana Cans. So it’ll be useful even if they already have a collection of paint.

It’s a gift that’s sure to be appreciated by every graffiti artist.

3. Molotow One4All Professional Sketchbook

Molotow One4All Professional Sketchbook

If spray paint materials are out of budget, consider Molotow’s Professional Sketchbook, which is designed specifically for acrylic, water and alcohol markers and is excellent for graffiti artists.

It contains 96 sheets of high-quality 150 g/sm fine art paper, which is thick enough to prevent markers from bleeding through to the page beneath.

Don’t worry, although this sketchbook is designed to work best with One4All markers, all types of paint, alcohol and water-based markers will appear bold and vibrant on its high-quality paper.

For both beginner and advanced graffiti artists, it’s a great inexpensive gift that will level up their supply stash and help them find their graffiti style.

Plus, graffiti artists are always going to need a blackbook to sketch in – so you can be sure it’ll be appreciated.

Jackson’s Art (US)
Jackson’s Art (UK)

4. Molotow Blackliner Complete Set

molotow blackliner complete set

Fineliner pens are an essential art tool for every artist.

They’re used for drawing and sketching to produce fine detailed lines – although they are also available with bigger nib sizes for bolder lines.

For budding graffiti artists, the Molotow Blackliner Set offers their entire range of permanent black fine liners – ranging from 0.05mm to 1.0mm. It also includes various speciality nibs such as a chisel tip, round tip, calligraphy and brush tip.

This makes for a perfect gift for graffiti artists of all abilities and will level up their collection of graffiti sketchbook markers.

Paired with a good-quality sketch pad, graffiti artists will have no problem bringing their sketches to life with this fineliner set.

Blick Art (US)
GreatArt (UK)

5. Stylefile 6 Marker Try Out Set

Stylefile 6 Marker Try Out Set

Paired with a quality marker pad and a set of fineliners, Stylefile’s 6 marker try-out set lets graffiti artists add color to their sketches to really make them pop.

Stylefile is renowned for producing some of the best-in-class alcohol markers – on par with the likes of Copic and Promarker. This is especially due to their versatility with a chisel tip at one end, and a fine liner at the other.

Buying Stylefile markers individually can be costly, however. But with the 6 marker try-out set, you’ll get an assortment of 6 random dual-tipped markers at a significantly lower price.

These are perfect for both beginners starting out their marker pen collection, and advanced graffiti artists expanding their selection of colours.

6. Subway Art

subway art book

Books have been a staple part of sharing graffiti culture with the world, with many graffiti artists building extensive collections of graffiti books for inspiration and education.

Subway Art is one of the most famous graffiti books of them all. In fact, it’s so influential, that it’s even known as the graffiti bible as the first to showcase train graffiti.

Capturing graffiti culture during its golden era in 1980s New York, Subway Art features stunning images of the painted subway trains which traversed the city during the time.

It also contains interviews with legendary graffiti artists, graffiti education and more.

It’s a must-have for beginners. But maybe check the person you’re gifting it to doesn’t have it first, as it’s a very popular book for graffiti artists.

If you think they might have it already take a look at my selection of the best graffiti books to find an alternative.

Barnes & Noble (US)
Waterstones (UK)

7. Uni Posca PC-5M 16 Colours

Uni Posca PC-5M 16 Colours

You’ll find Posca pens in almost every artist’s collection of art supplies – and for good reason. They’re some of the most versatile water-based paint markers out there, with vivid colours that are resistant to fading over time.

This set of 16 is a great gift for graffiti artists of all levels, as it includes a broad selection of colours including black and white.

The versatile 1.8-2.5mm bullet tip in this pack is great too, as it offers the flexibility of drawing finer lines whilst also being big enough to fill in larger areas.

They’re one of the best paint pens for bringing graffiti drawings to life. Especially when they’re paired with a good quality sketchbook.

Beyond the sketchbook though, these markers can write on a range of surfaces like metal, glass and wood (to name a few) – which makes them a super versatile gift. A great choice for every graffiti artist.

Blick Art (US)
GreatArt (UK)

8. Uni-paint PX-30

uni paint px-30 silver marker

For a gift that’s going to level up an artist’s marker collection, look no further than the Uni-Paint PX-30.

The Uni-Paint PX-30 marker is one of the best markers for graffiti and street art, which makes it a great small present for a graffiti artist.

It makes for a really useful gift too, as it’s able to write on most surfaces including paper, canvas, glass, metal, wood and more.

It’s not the best smelling marker out there, but it is incredibly vibrant and has been one of the most popular markers among graffiti artists for decades.

Spray Planet (US)
GreatArt (UK)

9. Montana Winter Gloves

Montana Winter Gloves

There’s nothing worse than not being able to feel your hands on a cold winter’s day. Pair that with painting a graffiti or street art piece, and it makes for a miserable time.

Montana Winter Gloves are designed for both protection from the elements and maximum versatility.

This allows graffiti artists to maintain a firm grip on a spray can whilst keeping their hands warm. It’s a gift that is guaranteed to be appreciated!

10. Montana Stickers & Pen Set

Montana Stickers & Pen Set

The Montana Sticker and Pen Set is the perfect gift for beginner graffiti artists.

“Hello my name is…” stickers are an iconic sticker bombing template in graffiti and street art.

They’re instantly recognisable and a nice way for new graffiti artists to practice developing their graffiti style.

11. Stylefile Premium Markerpad

Stylefile Premium Markerpad

Stylefile is a well-respected brand that has become famous for its high-quality art supplies – from marker pads to professional marker pens.

The Stylefile Premium Markerpad is an excellent graffiti gift that isn’t super expensive either. Especially considering it holds 50 sheets of quality 75 g/sm paper.

Whether you’re buying for a beginner or advanced, they’re sure to appreciate this because every graffiti artist needs a marker or sketch pad to draw up their work.

12. Molotow One4All 10 Marker Pen Set

Molotow One4All 6 Marker Pen Set 127HS

Molotow’s One4All 10 marker pens are an excellent addition to a graffiti artist’s arsenal of tools.

Filled with Molotow’s renowned acrylic paint formula, these pump action markers write on almost every surface and are quick-drying – producing a silk matt finish.

I think they’re best used to give depth to hand-drawn graffiti designs, as they work perfectly along with alcohol markers on paper and canvas.

This set of 10 is great for both beginners and advanced graffiti artists and offers an excellent mix of their most popular colours.

13. Molotow Premium Colour Chart

Molotow Premium Colour Chart

Molotow Premium is well known for being one of the best spray paints for graffiti artists. And that’s because this spray paint has a lot going for it, such as having a high-quality formula, a great pressure system and a huge range of colour shades.

With so many colours to choose from, the Molotow Premium Colour Chart lets graffiti artists see the true colours of over 275+ shades in the Molotow Premium collection.

This makes it a perfect gift for graffiti artists as it will let them visualise the colour schemes for their next piece.

14. Molotow Safety Pack

Molotow Safety Pack Gloves and Half Mask Respirator

Staying safe whilst using aerosols is one of the most important things for a graffiti artist’s health.

A respirator mask, along with hand protection is one of the best ways to help avoid toxic fumes produced by aerosols such as spray paint.

The Molotow Safety Pack is designed to keep paint and dust vapours out of harm’s reach – offering a good amount of protection. It’s a great gift for newer graffiti and street artists making the transition to using spray paints.

15. Molotow One4All 20 Marker Set

Molotow One4All 20 Marker Set

If the pack of 10 Molotow One4All acrylic markers wasn’t enough, this set of 20 is an excellent graffiti gift if you’re shopping with a bigger budget.

Quick-drying, refillable and highly opaque – Molotow’s One4All markers are best used in a marker book to bring drawings to life with colour.

They can also be used alongside water and alcohol-based markers on different types of paper and canvas – making them a welcome gift to a graffiti artist’s collection.

16. Deluxe Loop Paint Starter Pack

Deluxe Loop Paint Starter Pack

The Deluxe Loop Paint Starter Pack is an excellent gift as it contains everything a beginner graffiti artist needs to get started.

With 12 x 400ml Loop spray paint plus a 12 Pack Mr Serious Spray Bag, 3M 4255 Mask, A4 Loop Black Book, 2mm Loop Paint Marker Black and 12 caps – there’s nothing missing from this set.

Loop spray paint is great for beginners too as it’s a medium-pressure can, which allows for easier control whilst also providing high coverage.

17. Stylefile Marker Pen 36 Set

Stylefile Marker Pen 36 Set

If you really want a gift that’s going to level up a graffiti artist’s art supply collection, the Stylefile 36 Marker Pen set is the way to go.

Featuring a broad range of colours, Stylefile’s alcohol-based markers are some of the best marker pens in the industry for their reliability and vivid colours.

Combining a chisel tip and a fine liner into one pen offers a superior level of versatility which will make graffiti sketches pop.

And it’s not just graffiti artists who love them. Art and design students, interior designers, fine artists and art professionals are known to love Stylefile’s marker range.

18. Molotow Premium Spray Paint 24 Pack

Molotow Premium Spray Paint 24 Pack

Spray paint is one of the safest gifts for graffiti artists because you can be sure it’s something they will use. This 24 Pack of Molotow Premium spray paint is perfect for graffiti artists of all levels if you’re shopping with a bigger budget.

Molotow Premium is well-known by graffiti and street artists as being some of the best spray paint on the market for its extensive colour palette and in-depth colour on most surfaces.

One of its most impressive features is the dual-valve system, which sprays at low pressure with a skinny cap, and at high pressure with a fat cap. This makes it a safe choice for artists practising all styles of graffiti.

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Growing up in London, I've always been fascinated by the graffiti that covers the cityscape. From seeing it around where I lived to reading it on the train lines, I was hooked straight away. For over 15 years, I've been painting graffiti and immersing myself in the culture. I graduated from the University of Sussex in 2019 with a BA in Sociology and Media Studies. My final year research project, entitled "Vigilant Vandalism or Mindless Mischief: A Narrative Analysis of Graffiti Writers in London & Brighton", exposed me to the lives of graffiti writers in the field and better shaped my understanding of the culture. I created Graff Storm in 2021 with the mission to help new artists learn more about graffiti culture, find the right tools and avoid toy status.

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