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Best Markers for Graffiti on Paper in 2024: 7 Blackbook Essentials

blackbook sketch by sneakr
Written by Richard September

Level up your sketch game with these 7 hand-selected markers for blackbook graffiti.

You’ve just picked up a shiny new blackbook and you’re ready to drop some serious heat.

But what are the best markers to use for graffiti on paper?

The truth is, any marker pen can be used for paper graffiti. In fact, you can make dope graffiti sketches with just a pencil.

But if you want to create sketches that jump off the page, you’ll need to add colour. Using good quality marker pens is essential for building a blackbook that burns.

So in this guide, you’ll find my list of the 7 best markers for your blackbook that you can pick up right now.

Stick around until the end where I cover a few things you should know before buying your markers.

Best Markers for Graffiti on Paper

1. Molotow Blackliner Set

molotow blackliner being used to sketch graffiti

The Molotow Blackliner Set is my top pick for blackbook markers for a few reasons.

Firstly, they’re the best tool if you want to create bold and sharp sketches with minimal other supplies (you literally just need a set of these and a pencil).

Secondly, the 11 different nib sizes allow for small complex details like cracks, skinny outlines and 3D lines all the way to creating big bold outlines and backgrounds.

And finally, they’re sure to last a long time. Molotow’s focus on quality means they’re built to last and stay juicy.

Plus they also work perfectly with alcohol, water-based and paint markers. No complaints.

Out of all the markers on this list, I’d recommend Molotow’s Blackliner Set the most – especially as beginner graffiti tools.

Reasons to buyReasons to avoid
+ Permanent– Only one colour
+ All-in-one fine liner set
+ Built to last
+ High quality feel in-hand

2. Ohuhu Alcohol Marker Set

ohuhu 80 marker set

If you want to add colour to your sketches without breaking the bank, the Ohuhu Marker Set is the best budget alcohol marker set for paper graffiti – especially for beginners.

I’ve been using the 80 colours set for over six months and I cannot fault the quality given their price. Plus the colour selection is pretty good.

The colours are pretty vibrant and I’ve had no problems with pens arriving dry or drying out quickly, despite using some of them a lot.

Being dual-tipped, having a chisel tip on one end and a fineliner on the other means you’re able to fill pieces in and also outline with them.

Because they’re cheap, I recommend going with the 80 Marker Set.

With this set, you won’t need to worry about buying any more markers for a very long time.

Reasons to buyReasons to avoid
+ Good quality for the price– Some colours are less vibrant than others
+ Good range of colours
+ Vibrant
+ Perfect beginner set

3. Stylefile Marker Set

stylefile marker 12 piece set a

Stylefile markers are renowned for their excellent quality and are a favourite for a range of artists like illustrators and cartoonists – not just graffiti artists.

But their best-in-class Japanese quality comes at a price, however. And with alternatives available, I’d recommend these only if you’re serious about adding colour and depth to your blackbook sketches.

For beginners, it’s probably better to stick with a cheaper set like the Ohuhu Marker Set until your sketches improve.

That way, you’re not wasting money on expensive markers whilst trying to improve your graffiti style.

Nonetheless, if you’re after a professional finish on your sketches with some of the best premium alcohol markers available, go with the Stylefile 12 Marker Set.

Reasons to buyReasons to avoid
+ Excellent quality– Expensive option
+ Used by professional artists– Better for professionals
+ Vibrant and deep colours
+ Over 120+ colours

4. Posca PC-1MR White Paint Marker

Posca PC-1MR White Paint Marker

For adding fine shines and other small white details to your blackbook sketches, the Posca PC-1MR is the best thin white paint marker for the job.

The paint is thick and covers over any alcohol markers with ease. Although be sure to let the alcohol markers dry for a bit before using the white to prevent bleeding.

The 0.7mm nib comes in clutch for small details. I’ve been using it for a few years now and it’s a personal favourite of mine for blackbook sketches.

It’s also fairly cheap and will last a long time if you’re only using it for small details. It’s another blackbook essential for me.

Reasons to buyReasons to avoid
+ Cheap– Nib can get oversaturated
+ Opaque formula
+ Perfect nib size
+ Works on top of alcohol & water-based markers

5. Molotow One4All White Paint Marker

Molotow One4All White Paint Marker

If your graffiti style is big and bold, consider the Molotow One4All white as an alternative to the Posca PC-1MR – our best medium nib white marker.

This marker has a 2mm nib instead of a 0.7mm, which means you’ll get thicker white lines instead. This is better if you prefer thicker shines on your letters or want to add bigger white details.

It’s also better if you’re using a big blackbook (anything bigger than A4) as a smaller nib size may not be bold enough to stand out.

I’d recommend trying the Posca PC-1MR first, and then come back and pick up the Molotow One4All White later if you’re style is on the bigger and bolder side.

Reasons to buyReasons to avoid
+ Professional– Harder to achieve small details
+ Refillable
+ Work on top of alcohol & water-based markers
+ Writes on most surfaces

6. uni-ball POSCA PC-5M Starter Set

posca uni-ball PC-5M 8 colours

Using paint markers on your graffiti sketches will take them to the next level. There’s no doubt about it.

The best place to start for a budget paint marker set is with a Posca PC-5M starter set. The set contains a good range of 8 colours to get started with including black and white. This means you can skip buying a white paint marker separately if you’re picking this up.

Paint markers are perfect in blackbooks for a few reasons. Firstly, compared to alcohol markers, paint markers are far more vivid on paper. This makes them much better for creating sketches that pop.

Secondly, paint markers can be layered, unlike alcohol markers. This means you can fix mistakes by going over them with other paint markers.

By being able to layer, paint makers are also similar to spray paint, so you’re able to plan and visualise colour schemes better if you wanted to eventually paint it.

This starter set is also relatively cheap compared to other professional paint marker sets. And with 1.8-2.5mm nibs, they’re the perfect size for achieving both fine details whilst being able to fill in bigger areas.

Reasons to buyReasons to avoid
+ Used by professional artists– Non-refillable
+ Cheaper than other paint markers
+ Work on top of alcohol & water-based markers
+ Able to layer

7. Molotow One4All Set

Molotow One4All 6 Marker Set

If you’re looking for the best premium paint markers designed by graffiti writers, Molotow’s One4All range is the way to go.

They’re very similar to Posca’s paint pens, although some believe the paint formula is better which makes the colours stand out more.

They’re also refillable and the nibs are exchangeable. This can make them cheaper in the long run, compared to swapping out whole markers. It also makes them more sustainable, which is a bonus.

They have a similar nib size to the Posca PC-5M at 2mm. So they’re also great for filling bigger areas whilst having the option for fine details.

Try the One4All Basic Marker Set to get started, and pick some more up later on if you like the feel of them.

Reasons to buyReasons to avoid
+ Used by professional artists– Expensive
+ Refillable– Not great for beginners
+ Work on top of alcohol & water-based markers
+ Similar to layering with spray paint

What to know before buying graffiti markers for paper

Assuming you have a pencil and paper (or ideally a blackbook), the three main types of marker you’ll need to create dope graffiti sketches are fineliners, alcohol markers and paint markers.

1. Fineliners

Fineliners are an essential tool for graffiti blackbook sketches. They’re best used for outlining pieces, incorporating small details and adding 3D or drop shadows.

The small-medium nib size on fineliners makes them very versatile, depending on which set you decide to pick up.

For blackbooks, I recommend grabbing the Molotow Blackliner Set because it offers the most variety for the price.

2. Alcohol Markers

Alcohol markers are another essential tool for graffiti sketches – specifically for adding colour.

Most alcohol markers – like the ones I’ve recommended above – are dual-tipped. With a fineliner on one end and a chisel tip on the other, dual-tipped markers are ideal for both detailed work like outlines, whilst having the option to cover big areas with the chisel tip end.

If you’re just starting out, there’s no need to spend a lot of money on fancy alcohol markers for paper graffiti.

The Ohuhu Set recommended in this guide will do the job. Although, I’ve added the option of a Stylefile Marker Set if you’re after a more premium marker.

3. Paint Markers

Paint markers work really well for graffiti sketches as they offer the strongest depth of colour due to their opaqueness.

They allow sketches to truly come to life, although they come at a premium price. Plus, you’ll want to be using high-quality paper so they’re the most effective – which is also an expense.

If you’re a beginner, I’d hold off on picking up an entire paint marker set. Instead, grab a single white paint marker like the Posca PC-1MR that you can use on top of alcohol markers for details like cracks and shines.

This will give you a feel of how paint markers work on paper, so you can grab a full-colour set later down the line.

What are the best markers for graffiti sketches?

For beginners, the best marker set you can buy for graffiti sketches is the Molotow Blackliner Set.

If you want to add colour to your sketches, try the Ohuhu Marker Set as these alcohol markers are good quality for the price.

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Do I need to buy expensive markers for graffiti sketches?

No, but high-end markers will appear more vibrant and have more depth compared to cheap markers. You don’t need expensive markers if you’re a beginner trying to improve your outlines and letter structures.

Once your sketches are beginning to improve, perhaps start thinking about investing in some higher-end markers to really make your sketches pop.

Copped some blackbook markers and ready to hit the streets? Take a look at our rundown of the best graffiti markers you can buy right now.

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