Sketcher: Molotow’s brand new sustainable twin marker set to release

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Written by Richard September

Paving the way for sustainability across the twin marker pen division – and there’s no better time for it.

German-based MOLOTOW™ has teased an upcoming addition to its fleet of professional art supplies: the brand new Sketcher.

Having undergone almost 4 years of development, the Sketcher is a brand new line of twin markers with a focus on sustainability and the environment, with each twin marker being constructed from 95% recycled plastic.

Ever wondered where the water in your twin markers originated from? Probably not, but Molotow is ticking all sustainability boxes as the new Sketcher is filled with crystal-clear spring water from Tennenbronn in the Black Forest. Not only does this emphasise Molotow’s focus on quality, but also the traceability of its products.

Something that stood out to us was their brand new, innovative cartridge exchange system, where Molotow claim that this can reduce 56% plastics when buying a new cartridge, instead of re-purchasing an entire new marker pen.

This is really impressive. Artists are now able to reuse the main handle of the marker once it’s out of ink and swap out the cartridges at either end to refill, which saves on plastic waste. Is Molotow setting a new standard of twin marker design?

Image credit: MOLOTOW™

In terms of performance, we’re sure these markers will live up to Molotow’s professional level of standards – the same we see across their extensive range of high-quality art supplies.

The brand new sustainability-focused Sketcher range is set to be released in December 2021, and artists will be able to enjoy 120 essential colour shades and three different styles of tips.

You can watch the full Sketcher teaser video produced by Molotow below. Keep an eye out on their new dedicated website Your Sketcher for more details. We can’t wait to test these out.

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