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6 Best Silver Paint Markers for Art

silver mirror effect paint marker
Written by Richard September

There’s plenty of top-quality silver paint markers to choose from. In this guide, we help you make the right choice for your project.

Every artist should have a quality silver marker on hand, ready to get creative with at the drop of a hat.

With so many available though, finding the best silver marker for your project or creation can be tricky. This is especially true when it comes to the medium you’re using it on – be it paper, canvas, glass, metal – or the kind of details you’re trying to achieve.

So whether you’re a beginner looking to add to your collection of marker pens or an expert on the hunt for the best silver paint marker for your next commission, Graff Storm has you covered.

Molotow Liquid Chrome 2mm

Best overall silver marker

molotow liquid chrome 2mm

Molotow is famous for its high-quality, german engineered art supplies and when it comes to silver (or in this case, chrome) markers, they’re certainly no exception.

Permanent, highly opaque and glossy – Molotow’s Liquid Chrome 2mm paint marker features an efficient ball and pump system for even paint distribution and maximum opacity.

Although it’s suitable for most surfaces, you’ll get great results on both smooth surfaces like glass or plastic, and rougher ones like wood or even stone. It’s also perfectly suited for paper and canvas too and will have no trouble covering water-based markers.

We recommend the 2mm tip marker as it’s the most versatile size for most uses. You’ll be able to achieve finer lines with precision, whilst also being able to cover bigger areas if required.

Molotow’s Liquid Chrome can also be purchased as a pack of 3, containing the 1mm, 2mm and 4mm tips, which is perfect for most types of details. You can also purchase Liquid Chrome refill ink, in case you ever run out.

+ Highly pigmented for maximum opacity– Higher price point than similar markers
+ Permanent
+ Suitable for indoor and outdoor use
+ Replaceable tip and refillable pen

Silver uni-ball Posca Ultra Fine

Best for detailed work

posca ultra fine marker silver

Well known in the art supply world, POSCA is well established as one of the best choices for paint markers for artists of all abilities.

POSCA’s silver ultra fine 0.7mm bullet tip marker takes the crown as our best choice for intricate, detailed work – perfect for artists needing ultra-fine lines and details for canvas art, card making, paper and more.

In fact, like most POSCA markers, the silver ultra fine marker works on most surfaces such as paper, metal, plastic, glass, stone, fabric and more.

It can also be removed from surfaces like glass and plastic easily, which makes it great for temporary signs and window art.

+ Great for intricate, detailed work– Inefficient at covering large areas
+ Suitable for indoor and outdoor use– Can’t be refilled easily
+ Works with alcohol makers
+ Vibrant, opaque colour

Silver uni-ball Posca Chisel Tip

Best silver broad tip

Silver uni-ball Posca Chisel Tip

The 8mm chisel tip POSCA paint marker is an excellent choice for artists looking for a high pigmented, opaque marker that can write on most surfaces.

You can expect the same high level of Japanese quality expected across POSCA’s entire art supply range, and feature a heavy-duty body for maximum control and precision.

The 8mm chisel tip is perfect for covering medium-sized areas, such as backgrounds or working on bigger murals both indoor and outdoor. It also produces an opaque and vivid colour on most surfaces. Just be sure to shake well and saturate the tip before application.

+ Great for covering medium-sized areas– Not ideal for finer details
+ Suitable for indoor and outdoor use– Can’t be refilled easily
+ Opaque and vivid colour– Prone to fading if used outdoors
+ Works with alcohol markers

Silver Liquitex 15mm Wide Tip

Best silver XXL tip

Silver Liquitex 15mm Wide Tip

The Liquitex 15mm Professional Marker in Iridescent Rich Silver is a great choice for those looking for high coverage in their work or painting large pieces and murals.

Like all the paint markers in this guide, the Liquitex paint marker writes on most surfaces and uses the effective ball and pump value system for maximum flow. Its water-based formula means it also works great with other supplies such as alcohol markers and spray paints.

What’s also great is that the tip doubles as an 8mm marker too when used at an angle. This level of versatility means you’re able to achieve a range of line widths with this marker from fine to thick.

+ Great for covering large areas– Difficult to achieve small details due to tip size
+ Works on top of alcohol markers and spray paint– Prone to fading on outdoor surfaces
+ Highly pigmented formula
+ Suitable for indoor and outdoor use

Silver Uni-Paint PX-30 Broad Tip

Best for heavy duty use

Silver Uni-Paint PX-30 Broad Tip

If you’re looking for the best heavy duty silver paint marker, look no further than the Uni-Paint PX-30 broad tip.

Filled with highly permanent oil-based paint, the PX-30 is near weather-proof and covers incredibly well on almost all surfaces leaving a sharp and glossy finish. No wonder it’s a cult favourite for graffiti and street artists due to its high level of durability.

The 8mm chisel tip makes it highly versatile for most uses, although those looking for a smaller tip size of 2mm may prefer the PX-20 in silver instead. Both use the same high-quality, high-pigmented formula, so it’s also an excellent option.

It’s worth noting, however, that although the PX-30 is suitable for indoor and outdoor use, its oil-based formula has an odour stronger than alcohol-based paints. The trade-off to this is a more permanent formula, so it’s perfect on surfaces that may be exposed to the elements.

+ Highly permanent and weather-resistant– Stronger odour than alcohol-based paints
+ Refillable
+ Highly pigmented, opaque formula
+ Durable metal body

Silver Edding 5300 Acrylic

Best value silver marker

Silver Edding 5300 Acrylic

If it’s a cheap silver marker that you’re looking for, the Edding 5300 Acrylic Marker is the perfect tool for the job.

This Edding paint marker boasts many of the features we’ve seen with previous water-based and acrylic paint pens such as being able to write on most surfaces, a high level of pigment and an opaque finish. Just remember to shake well before use.

The 2mm is a great choice for getting the most out of your money as it’s highly versatile – allowing you to achieve finer lines and details whilst also having the option to cover bigger areas.

+ Highly versatile tip size– Quality may be reflected by the price
+ Suitable for indoor and outdoor use– Cannot be refilled unlike other markers
+ Opaque and glossy finish
+ Works with alcohol markers

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